About The Author

I have been a tax practitioner since 1982. My practice specializes in small business, including artists and craftspersons. I am currently licensed as an (EA) Enrolled Agent, (ATA) Accredited Tax Advisor, and (ATP) Accredited Tax Preparer. I am also registered as a member in good standing with (NAEA) National Association of Enrolled Agents, (NSA) National Society of Accountants, (NSTP) National Society of Tax Professionals, and (NATP) National Association of Tax Professionals. I am enrolled in the National Association of Enrolled Agents NTPI program (National Tax Practice Institute) and expect to graduate from this program in August 2015.

A Catalyst to Order: What This Book Will Do For You

Unlike many other manual systems which I have reviewed, you only have to buy this text once. A Master Copy of blank forms, included in the last section, allows you to use this system year after year. Tax laws are ever changing and this flexible system keeps you current with the types of income you must report and the types of expenses you are entitled to claim.

This text is written in plain English and is quite simple to follow. Your tax return can be prepared from this. This is a flexible system which keeps your recordkeeping current.

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Table of Contents

Introduction v
The Examination and Appeals Process vi
Section 1: Organizing Your Business 1-1
Section 2: Income 2-1
Section 3: Business Assets 3-1
Section 4: Travel and Entertainments Expenses 4-1
Section 5: Other Expenses 5-1
Section 6: Contract Labor 6-1
Section 7: Personal Income, Expenses and Asset Dispositions 7-1
Section 8: Annual Reports and Master Copies of Forms 8-1